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In Death Love Survives

Fede Gimmel Skull Ring


Gentleman and Lady's hands are holding a skull in their hands as if they carry their love even after their death. The ring is consists of interlocking 3 rings. Little diamonds sit in the skulls eyes

Inspired by 17th - 19th Century Memento Mori jewellery which were often decorated with skulls, crossbones, skeletons, coffins, and worms.

Memento Moir means Remember you must die in Latin. The ring can be reminder of our mortality and shortness and fragility of human life 

This macabre skull ring can be worn as Memento Mori to remember your precious lives or token of immortal love. "Etiam in morte, superset amor" ="In death, Love survives' 

Material: Recycled sterling silver 925 , Diamond

This item is made to order. It would take 4-5weeks until dispatch. However if you want an urgent dispatch, please ask us as we might be able to arrange quicker delivery.

Also available in 9k, 18k gold and/or different stones, bigger sizes upon your request.

Handcrafted in London

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